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Fallout Shelter is a strategy game which is using lots of original Fallout elements we all know and love. Bethesda’s game gives an opportunity to feel yourself a Overseer of one of many Vaults. All you need for the beginning is just to choose the number of your Shelter. After that you can start building and evolving.

Fallout Shelter

Vault’s control is based on micromanagement. As well as developing it module by module you have to assign a job for every of your dwellers. There are no luxury in post-nuclear world so you need to build things needed for survival and future development only. There are many kinds of buildings but you’ll have to duplicate them for many times to satisfy growing needs.

Fallout Shelter - #12

New people come to Vault doors and wait for their turn to get inside. Player chooses only those who have required qualities. There is a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. rating system realized in Fallout Shelter. Every module demands proper qualities from its dwellers. Over time, they develop and their productivity increases.

Some of them become a researchers. You will be able to send them to wastelands in search of adventure. You don’t control the process. Nevertheless it’s interesting to follow it in the text mode. Fighting rats, raiders and the other inhabitants of the Fallout universe – that’s what will happen during researches.

Fallout Shelter - #2

The success of the mission depends on ranking of the researcher and his equipment (weapons, armor, medicines). Those of you who have played Fallout before will be familiar with majority of game items in the Fallout Shelter. Starting with a simple robe you can finish the game with Brotherhood of Steel armor.

That’s what Overseer’s life looks like. They build, collect caps and equipment, manage residens of the Shelter. Different emergencies will happen sometimes and you will take care of them; dwellers will have kids. It’s important to watch the resources, useful to complete small quests and pleasant to find boxes which give you an instant bonus.

As you might have guessed, Fallout Shelter is so-called “farm” game. Time isn’t rushing: you will develop for a long, really long time. There is also another option: buying caps for real money. But there is no some kind of special currency which you can only buy. And also Shelter isn’t a multiplayer game so you won’t compete with anyone.

It’s worth saying, F2P system doesn’t really affect the interest. Gameplay is enthralling. The idea is simple but as we can see it’s not a bad thing. Visually the game is really good. I don’t think anyone would wish something better for a strategy. Shelter looks like a part of the Fallout universe. Music and sounds are familiar from previous Fallout games. Interface and controls are just perfect.

Fallout Shelter - #1

So Fallout Shelter is good, maybe even very good. Developers have taken great care of the details and Fallout fans should appreciate it. Others will enjoy the game too because of its simplicity and excitement it gives.

Shelter is not unique. There are many mobile games with similar gameplay. But this one has “Fallout” in the title and published by Bethesda. That’s why the game surely will be succesful and it is confirmed by growing positive feedback on the App Store.

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