How to Hack Fallout Shelter yourself?

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And so, here is a new way to hacking (no need to ask anyone else)

1. Pull out the .sav file on the path \ data \ com.bethsoft.falloutshelter \ files \ Vault * .sav


2. Transfer this file to your PC (for example on the desktop)


3. Downloading the program FOSDecrypt.exe (5 KB) and it is also portable to the desktop


4. Transfer the file that we have just moved from the device to your PC directly to this app


5. The program instantaneously will decrypt the file (you may not notice)
6. Open your file in any text editor (eg notepad)
7. We are looking for what we want to change (for example Nuka, I have had 356 and I wanted 5000)

55 56

8. The reverse shift our file in the program (the program will encrypt your file back)


9. Transferring files back to our device on the path \ data \ com.bethsoft.falloutshelter \ files \
10. Start the game and look


P.S. You can experiment with other values.

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