Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter v1.13.7 [Mod]

Hello everybody,
Meet the first modification of the game Fallout Shelter.

Fallout Shelter
What’s In The MOD v.1:
Mod v1:
— Unlimited Caps
— Unlimited Food
— Unlimited Water
— Unlimited Energy
— Everything Increases instead of decreasing
Mod v2:
— Infinite caps (level up a dweller, reward will be infinite caps)
— Fast Level up (on Rush Success your Dwellers will level up instantly)
— Unlimited Caps (increase instead of decreasing)
— Unlimited Power (increase instead of decreasing)
— Unlimited Water (increase instead of decreasing)
— Unlimited Food (increase instead of decreasing)
— Unlimited Stimpacks (increase instead of decreasing)
— Unlimited RedAways (increase instead of decreasing)
— Unlimited Inventory Space
— Instant Level Up on rush success
— Instant Level Up on rush fail emergency event success
— Unlimited Lunchboxes (not decreasing)


Fallout Shelter 1.13.7 [Mod1].apk (26 Mb)

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  1. Does works fine if you follow the simple rules:
    Install the .apk. DONT(!!) Open the game yet! Move the “cache” folder you can find here somewhere to download into the obb folder of Android, THEN start the game and voilá it works. Well. More or less, i tried Version 2 of the hack and… well i get infinite money etc. but not the lunchboxes :(

  2. how to remove the Gray Bar with the Game title?? i cant see the Number of Dwellers, Number of Caps and Quantum Cola, also the status of Food, Water, and Electricity.

    Please Help!!

    Also very good mod. thank you!!

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