Fallout Shelter 1.4 is Live!

We present to your attention by a new version of the game Fallout Shelter 1.4. A complete list of changes can read a little lower.

What’s new in Fallout Shelter 1.4:

Turn useless junk into useful items! Introducing … the workshops!
· New room! Build new rooms for weapons and armor.
· The lunchbox now have an additional fifth card – “” Trash “!” Believe me, it is really useful.
· Bring the role of Ranger to the next level. Build a hairdresser and change the look of any resident.

Keep an eye on fashion! New costumes and weapons of Fallout 4 is now in lunchbox, and you can also create.
· We added new dogs and cats, and even parrots! In addition, there are new bonuses for pets!
· Time is now displayed correctly. Because our goal number 1 – to create a realistic simulation of the Vault!

Download Fallout Shelter 1.4

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