F.O.S.S.E application – Editing saves for Fallout Shelter

Hi everyone,


Fans of the game “vogster” created under the android application that can edit saves.

Applications was named F.O.S.S.E v2.5


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Installation and editing:

0) In any case, make a backup saves.
1) Open the application.
2) Select the save.
3) Change the settings.
4) Click the Save button.
5) Run the game and enjoy.

Root is not needed.


FOSSE-release.apk (1.1 Mb)

  1. Thanks! It repaired my saved game! 3 of my dweller levelled up to lv53 (pet bonus), and seems it crashed the game. I rewrite them back to 50 and all good now ;).

  2. thanks for this awesome app. . .now i can complete quest with the awesome app. . . i hope it will have an update. . .

  3. Everyone that complains that this app isn’t goo enough, should be happy they at least have something to complain about…smh

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